Business Account Service and Operation Schedule

Dates Available Transactions* Restrictions* Available Channels

Tuesday, January 29
until 5pm Wednesday, January 30

Pending transactions initiated before this date and outbound transfers only

Note: All forward contracts can be closed out at market value

No new trades from this date forward

Any inbound deposits received after Wednesday, January 30 5pm will be returned to sender

Access to the online platform disabled 5pm Wednesday, January 30 onwards

[email protected]

From Thursday,
January 31
until Tuesday, February 19

Outbound transfers to existing beneficiaries only

Note: All forward contracts still open at 4pm on Wednesday, January 30 will automatically be closed out at market value with gains/losses posted to originating current account

Any remaining balances in CAD, GBP, EUR, AUD, NZD, JPY or CNH will be translated to USD at the prevailing rate at 4pm CT on 19th February. You will be able to request these funds, and any existing USD balances, via email ([email protected]), however this process may take several days. We strongly encourage any customer with funds on account to contact us before 19th February to ensure the speediest possible return of funds. Any funds not retrieved by customers will be treated as per your State‚Äôs escheatment rules and submitted to the relevant State authority after the regulated period of time.

From Wednesday, February 20 onward

Access to live phone and email service disabled from this date forward

*As per existing Terms and Conditions